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The Elite by Coey Cain Debut Novel


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Coey Cain is a dedicated author who began writing novels as a means of entertainment at the tender age of eight. Never intending to publish or pursue a career in the field, she chased other opportunities and gained knowledge in a plethora of interests. She spent most of her adult life out West, living a fast-paced lifestyle and appreciating every minute of it. With a great love for fast cars, and with sixteen years' experience in racing and precision driving, she dreams of rally racing cross-country one day.

Coey is an adventurist at heart who's unafraid of new endeavors. She believes that danger and risks are what make for the best experiences, and ultimately better stories. Currently, she's maintaining a quiet lifestyle while focusing on her writing career. Her passion for writing and storytelling has stood the test of time and she feels obligated to herself to make her dreams come true in every aspect of life.


1. Blurb for book/books
Everyone assumes that Joelie Baudelaire lives a charmed life. She has a generous benefactor in Warren Jardine, and a glamorous lifestyle in the exciting city of Las Vegas. Everyone is wrong.

When Warren is arrested, Joelie has the ability to escape the emotional jail he's held her captive in for two years. Her father's house should be her refuge, but it's another kind of prison altogether. All Joelie wants is a normal, peaceful life. Discovering that she is one of The World Elite, a genetically superior race, puts a whole new set of shackles on her life.

Her destiny is planned, and her future marriage is pre-arranged. While Joelie still remembers her childhood crush on the Elite, Sender Stelle, it isn't easy to accept a betrothal to a man she barely knows beyond his photograph.

Warren doesn't want to release his control over her. The World Elite would force her to fulfill her destined duty, and Sender has gone from resigned acceptance to benign co-operation with the powers that be.

Freedom is just out of reach. All Joelie must do is defy some of the most powerful people in the world, and survive.

Excert #1 from Chapter Two

“In the past four months, from Portland, Oregon all the way up to Canada, over thirty people have vanished. The last one disappeared two days ago in Everett. From the southernmost point of the state to Canada’s border, we’ve got thirteen missing people and eight dead. It’s not usual.

“In Grays Harbor County alone, we have five missing people and four deaths. Some of them look like they’ve been attacked by an animal. Some have bled to death. There’s been drowning, car accidents, literally all kinds of things, but none of us have ever seen this kind of tragedy around here before. We’ve more than tripled hunting efforts trying to find the animals that are responsible for the mauling’s, but we’ve never seen anything like it. I’d say everyone should be cautious and worried. Over twenty-five percent of it has happened in this county.”

Joelie swallowed hard. “Jesus!”

“Don’t worry, though. You’re covered. We’re all packin’,” he stated, and patted the gun at his hip, concealed by a black jacket. “Maybe we’ll get one of these animals on camera when I get everything installed. I know it sucks but, in the meantime, you’re going to have to stay indoors as much as you can, and absolutely don’t go walking around by yourself.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not the type to go wandering off into the forest alone. Maybe when I was little, but I’ve grown out of my tomboy phase. Now that I’m grown up, I’m not fond of getting dirty.”

“So, how do you plan on entertaining yourself out here? There isn’t much nightlife around, except for a few bars.”

“I haven’t figured that out yet. Maybe I’ll find a job somewhere. Then I’ll be too busy to get bored.” She was amused by the idea. She hadn’t worked in years, but had always enjoyed having a job and a place to go every day. “Plus, I’d meet people and make friends.”

“I don’t know many companies that would understand us hanging around for your safety, though.”

“Why would you be around if I was at work?”

“Why wouldn’t we be? The risks are high right now. I know you’re probably not thrilled about having a bunch of strange dudes coming and going at all hours, but there is some reason in it. All of us agree on that. We’ve all looked through Warren’s file. The dude’s been arrested seven times in the past three years. He’s what we call a ‘habitual offender.’ It’s pretty clear he has a drinking problem and control issues.”

“He’s an alcoholic and a control freak. I’m just shocked he’s gotten away with the real crimes he’s involved in.”

“He won’t forever. I really hope he comes out here on my watch, or Diesel’s. Either way, Old Dude is going to get played.”

Mayhem laughed mischievously. His laugh was similar to the sort of laugh you would hear from a group of teenage boys watching an old man stomping out a flaming bag of manure left on his doorstep by said teenagers. It was loud, overly boisterous, yet charismatic. He was an energetic character, and he amused himself.

Excert #2 from Chapter Five

The fear of her father finding out about the argument haunted her. Surely, a man as masculine as Diesel wouldn’t go telling on a small girl for having an attitude, would he? She busied herself with the internet, checking mail and reading articles about the area in hopes of finding some entertainment nearby. She soon diverted her search when every headline seemed to include the horror that had taken over the peaceful town. She was sick of hearing about it. The point was to relax, not dwell on crime, kidnapping, and murder.

There was a knock on her door, and she realized she’d been shut up in her room for almost two hours. “Come in.”

The door opened slowly, and she watched Diesel enter her room cautiously. As he looked her over, she pulled her right knee up to her chest as she sat in the office chair. He held out a small canister, and she hesitated before reaching for it. He pulled it back swiftly before she could curl her fingers around it.

“This is the most potent mace on the market. Please, do not spray this at me,” he warned, before he relinquished the bottle into her hands. “Carry it with you at all times, and don’t spray it downwind. It’ll knock you on your ass, and then you’re just a sitting target.”

Joelie stared at him momentarily, before she glanced down at the small canister. “How is this going to help me if I can accidentally use it on myself?”

“That’s why I’m telling you now not to do that.”

Excert #3 from Chapter Nine

She had been second guessing everything about the past two years, just like Sender had guessed. Warren was controlling, possessive, jealous, and untrusting. He rarely let her out of his sight, and he always knew where she was. It was leading her to believe her parents, and some of her friends, were on to something when they held their ground that he was simply not good for her, and she needed to get away from him.

What she didn’t understand was that if Warren had some mystical power over her, then why had she never been in love with him as he wanted her to be? She had too many questions running through her mind. If her grandmother or her father didn’t uphold this psychotic theory, and give her some form of proof, she would insist that Sender be seen by a professional.

Hours later, Joelie awoke startled, gasping from the distressed dream she’d had. She sat straight up, searching every corner of the large dim room to find it empty. The sun was just starting to rise, causing the pale grayish-blue hues across the sky.

She was nearly panting from her labored breathing. She’d had another Sender dream with puzzling messages and mysterious meanings that seemed to cause anxiety, night after night. This time, she had woken up in the dream with Sender sitting on the bed. She was so startled that she woke up for real. There was no question that their conversation from a few hours ago had instigated the dream, as he was the last thing she was thinking about before she finally fell asleep.
It was disturbing, just the same. The reoccurring Sender dreams were severely unsettling, even though there was nothing threatening about them. Since the day they met, he’d been in her dreams, promising safety and protection. Tonight, however, it had taken a more intimate turn. He was just about to kiss her when she woke up within her dream to find him sitting beside her, causing the alarm that actually did wake.

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