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Untangle Me By Chelle Bliss Interview and Giveaway

Interview with Chelle Bliss:
Questions About The Book:

1) Where did the idea for Untangle Me come from? Was it completely made up in your mind, or was it real life ?

Some of the events have happened in my life or the lives of my friends, but a majority of it is pure fiction. I thought it would make a great journey for a reader and it developed over time. The original version didn’t have some of the events that are in the final product.
And Chelle I can agree on that. I beta read this novel and then got the final and some parts was different but i still love the whole thing before finished and after finished.

2)  How did your main people Kayden and Sophia come into your life?

So many people meet on social networks today, but I never found a story line that included it. I wanted a good girl with that bad boy, but one with a heart. They developed and evolved with the writing.

And Kayden is OMG :)

3) How hard was this first book of yours to write and how long did it take for you to write it?

It was a process, which was harder than I thought it would be. It went through many drafts before it became Untangle Me. The hardest part of writing is actually letting someone read your work. A writer pours their heart and soul on the page and to have someone trash them is sometimes hard to take. A writer has to willing to take that chance and be willing to take criticism.

4) What's your fave part of the whole entire book?

That’s such a hard question to answer. I love the entire book. I love the car sex scene, but I won’t tell you which one.

Questions for the Author about herself:

1) How old was you when you first realized you had this wonderful talent (that you're well good at I might add :) )?

I’ve never written anything besides research & thesis papers for school. Untangle Me was my first time writing fiction. I still doubt every word I write. When someone tells me how much they love my book I am still flabbergasted.

2- Is this your first book that you have wrote?

It is my first book, but it won’t be my last.

3)This is a series of books right? Could you give me a name and release date for the other books in the series?

Untangle Me is the first book in the Love at Last series. Kayden will be book two and will be out by the end of the year. Kayden will feature his past and what made him into the man he is today, so it’s actually a prequel. The third book will be Throttle Me and hopefully will be out by March 2014.

4) In the next series of books are you going to be introducing new characters or is it going to be the same ones? (which we all love us some Kayden :) )

Throttle Me will be about Suzy, Sophia’s room mate in Untangle Me. It’s going to be a book about her journey to find love and her happily ever after. I plan to introduce new characters.

5) What's your fave color?
Red and Purple

6) What's your fave food? 

 Pizza, oh and coffee, lots of coffee.

7) What's your fave music?

  I love all kinds of music. I don’t have just one style I listen to, it all depends on my mood.

8) Where is one place in the entire world you would love to be able to visit anytime you want? and why?

 I’d love to go back to New Orleans. I love NOLA and the history and romance of the city. I’ve been there many times and want to go back as soon as possible. It’s a city I could live in and be happy for a lifetime.

Interview with Kayden
1) How do you like telling your story with Sophia?

Some parts were hard for me to tell. I don’t want to relieve some parts of my life. Some were so painful to write, but they had to be written. People need to understand the depths of her love for me and my loyalty to her.

2) I wanna more of a personal interview with you!....Oh i mean what type of interviews for Untangle Me have you already done?

I’ve only done one or two, people seem to want to know the author more than hot sexy me. I mean the book is really nothing without me. ;)

3) how is it working with the lovely chelle bliss on putting together this novel about you and Sophia?

 Chelle has been great. She wanted to get the story just right. She did a great job at conveying the feelings we experienced. She is a doll.

4) Do you enjoy working with Sophia telling yall’s story?

I did. She reminds me of Sophia in so many ways.

5) What's your fave color?

 Purple, I’m comfortable with my manhood.

6) What's your fave food?

 Pickles! Nom Nom Nom. I love the crunch and the spice.

7) What is your fave thing about Sophia and Chelle?

I can’t just pick one thing about Sophia, but if I had to it would be the way she loves me, the depths at which she loves me. I love Chelle for how beautifully she wrote our love story. She nailed it.



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  1. Awesome giveaway would love to read this

    1. This is a reallly good novel. I beta read it and its wonderful. Chelle Bliss is a very talented author