Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Special's Love By Jennifer Blaney

Book Description From Amazon:

       When a loved one passes away the family is left in sorrow. The spirit of the deceased often sees their pain and refuses to crossover. As a person with SPECIAL abilities I can help the family and the spirit. With a conversation and a reassuring glance we can help heal those wounds. Once the family starts healing the spirit feels better about crossing over.As a SPECIAL, you know all of your life that there is one person who is truly ment to be with you. Your soul mate. What happens when you go to help a family with their loss and the spirit your helping leads you to your Soul Mate? How do you help to soothe a families pain and then explain to a man, that you just met, that you cant be with out him?.                 

     My Review:

Brianna O'Connor is very Special yes she is. At first i wasn't so sure if i would like this book but I did. It was very on going and from mid chapter one it pulled me in and kept my attention. I love being surprised by books like that. Ok now let me start with my review of the book.

With Brianna's Special abilites she accomplished all when she found her soul mate through her spirit guide while on a Special Call. So know there is Brianna, Michael, Jenna, Kyle, and Brianna's mother who was also Special and her Grandmother who was Special.
I Love the idea of that generations starting with them kinds abilities and then they just grew stronger as generations passed by and none of them realized what was going on. Well when Brianna found Kyle and started having new abilities pop up and emotions was alot stronger than the other Special.
So later on Brianna and Kyle learned she is even more Special than anyone realize she could be. And thats when she realize people was out to stop her and kyle from being together. but aslong as they are together nothing can come in between them.

I think this is a really good book. I give Jennifer Blaney 5 stars. And i think everyone that is into this type of Special book should read it. Great Job Jennifer Blaney. 


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