Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The H.E.A.R.T SAGA Blog Tour

                                                                                                       HEART’s children blurb

DraDonna is the first person in more than 500 years to be born with copper colored hair on a planet that thrives on perfection. The people on this immaculate little world worship ‘The HEART’ which is a female intelligence that utterly controls the lives and minds of all of her children by supplying them with and addictive energy force that her children can channel into their bodies and use in their daily lives.
The HEART loses control over her children when DraDonna begins to have forbidden dreams that lead this young woman and her devoted husband DraDevon to discover the truth about their world and the HEART’s dark secret.

A seemingly perfect little world where all worship the HEART of the planet.
But all is not well with the HEART’s children.
The copper haired outcast DraDonna has forbidden dreams of change.
To save her world, she must risk all.

 H.E.A.R.T. Saga: The Choice

Book Two of the H.E.A.R.T. Saga: The Choice…
A powerful leader who would risk everything...
The best friend who will not give in...
The people who stand against an ancient tyrannical evil…
The adventure continues!

Authors bio-
Linna Drehmel was born at the Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho in 1973 and grew up surrounded by military. Her father served for 22 years in the Air Force, her mother was a military police officer in the Marines, and her older brother served for 10 years in the Navy. She draws inspiration from her family's many years of proud service in the military. She has spent much of her life studying anthropology and has a particular fondness for archaeology. She loves to find ways to intertwine anthropological and archaeological themes into her writing. She also has a strong understanding of what the reader likes, as she herself is an avid reader.

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