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Translation of Love Tour

English Playlist

Beyonce Halo

Rhianna – Stay

Justin Timberlake- Mirrors

Phillip Phillips- Home

Coldplay- Yellow

Girls like boys- Two is better than one

Snow Patrol- Just say yes

Adele- Make you feel my love

One Republic- Say (All I need)

Usher- Stranger

Spanish Playlist

Chayanne- Centro de mi Corazon

Christina Aguilera- Contigo en la distancia

Enrique Iglesias- Tres Palabras

Shakira- Ojos Asi

Sin Bandera- Y Llegaste Tu

Franco de Vita- Te Amo

Juanes- A Dios le Pido

Sin Bandera- Entra  En Mi Vida

Ricky Martin- El Amor De Mi Vida

Cristian Castro- Si Tu Me Amaras

 Sarah’s Book Blog
Book 2 Teasers: Desperation of Love (Alex & Jordan)

Looking at him now, I can see something there that I haven’t noticed before, it’s pain. He keeps it hidden and he’s good at it, I would know, I’ve been doing the same thing for years, maybe that’s why we’ve always been drawn to each other, now I can’t help but to wonder what has put that look on his face. What or who has caused Alex pain? “Come on princess, let’s go get our feet wet.”

“Yeah?” I can feel the shift in his mood and it’s infectious, I like when Alex is in a playful mood, it makes me giddy.

“Yeah.” He gets out of the car and comes around to open my door. I hop out and take his cue, taking off my shoes and rolling up the bottom of my jeans so that they don’t get wet. He takes my shoes from me and tosses them in the backseat along with his. He grabs my hands as he walks backwards, pulling me forward as he goes. “You ready?”

“Yes.” I squeal.

“It’s probably cold.” he warns.

“Just don’t do anything crazy alright.”

“What? Like this?” He tugs on my hands and jerks me forward until our chests are touching, he bends down and pulls me over his shoulder in a fireman’s hold.

“Alex!” I shriek, laughing at the same time. “Put me down, if you throw me in that water I swear to God, I’ll kill you!”

“I can’t hear you over the sound of the waves, what did you say?”

“Alex please, don’t throw me in.”

“Say it again baby, I like it when you beg.”

“Alex please!”

He laughs,  “Alright princess.” He says as he plants me back onto the floor, my feet coming into contact with the chilly water. I try to hit him on the chest but his arms are around my waist before I can move. He pulls me closer, until our bodies are touching, I have to look up in order to meet his eyes. I regret it as soon as I do, because his lips swiftly crash against mine before my brain can even register what’s happening. I want to pull away, I know that I should pull away but this is how he does it, how he draws me in every single time we’re alone together.

Confessions of a Book Heaux
TOL Excerpt:
“Come here.” I can’t move, my feet are rooted to the ground. “Baby, come here.” I take a deep breath and walk to him just outside the open shower door. Victor grabs my hand and pulls me into the shower fully clothed. 
I let out a squeal of shock. “Are you crazy?” I cry, the water rushing over me as he puts his hands on my hips.
“No.” he says, dipping his head, placing a gentle kiss on my lips. “I’m just trying to help you out.” His heated stare is melting through me. Grabbing the hem of my shirt, he swiftly lifts it over my head dropping it on the shower floor. As if on cue his lips drop down and begin a slow assault on my breasts. A moan escapes from my lips caused by the currents of pleasure coursing through my body. The pleasure is intensified as his fingers find the waistband of my boyshorts and tug them down until they’re gone. “Next time we do this maybe you’ll be brave enough to strip yourself.”

Book Addict Mumma
Victor’s POV

The autograph signing dragged on for what felt like forever, as much as I love my fans I hate doing stupid shit like this. This book has nothing to do with my music, it’s just another way to try to make money off of me. I’m starving by the time the last book is signed, I just need to get out of here and unwind.

My bodyguard Rob and the extra event security escort me out to the waiting SUV, I hop into the back and ask to be taken to a nearby restaurant. As we drive my mind wanders back to earlier in the night, and the girl in the bookstore, shit she was beautiful. If there hadn’t have been so many people waiting on me there’s no way I would have let her walk away so fast.

She was affected by me, I could tell by how nervous I made her, I don’t normally go for the shy type but there was something about her. A look in her eyes that made me want to keep her close, protect her from whatever it is that put that look there. The SUV comes to a stop at what appears to be the main street in this town. I hop out and start walking, I turn my head to see Rob walking a few steps behind me as I make my way toward a quiet restaurant. He always prefers for me to wait for him to let me out of the car but in a town like this in the middle of New Jersey, not too many people would know who I am. Before I have a chance to look forward I feel my body hit something. Shit, I turn around to see a girl on her hands and knees on the floor.

Damn, I knocked the poor girl down, “I’m so sorry,” I say as I move to help her up off of the ground.  I pull her up and apologize again as I steady her, “Are you okay, Miss? I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” I let her go, and she turns around to face me.

“No, It’s okay,” She says, as her eyes meet mine, I see the shock register in her eyes at about the same time they register in mine. “Wha…”

It’s her, the girl from the bookstore, I’m stunned to see her but I’m also fucking thrilled. My night has just gotten that much better. “Oh, wow! Hi. Twice in one night, huh?”

She takes a step back, if I didn’t know any better I’d say she almost seems scared. “Um, yeah… That’s strange.” She says hesitantly.

“Elizabeth, right? Are you sure you’re okay? Did I hurt you?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going either.” She looks at me almost expectantly. “I didn’t catch your name earlier.” She says. Just hearing her ask my name makes me smile.

“It’s Victor.” I reply, not once taking my eyes off of hers.

“Victor, well I’m sorry to keep running into you like this.”

I shake my head at her, “I’m not. I think it must be a sign, don’t you? Fate maybe? I mean what are the odds of running into a beautiful woman twice in one night?” I’m laying it on thick but I’m trying to get some type of reaction from her. I see her blush at my comment. “A sign? You believe in signs?” She’s engaged in the conversation now, I’m not leaving here without at least a phone number.

I grin at her and nod my head. “I do. I think if you pay attention, you’ll notice signs everywhere, the universe is always trying to tell you something.” What the fuck am I talking about?

She tilts her head and smiles a bit, “So what’s the universe trying to tell us now?” she asks in a flirty tone.

I try to look serious, pretend that I know what the hell I’m talking about. “Well, seeing as though we’ve crossed passed paths twice in the last few hours, I think the universe is trying to tell us that we may need to get to know each other a little bit better.”

She lets out a nervous giggle, drawing my gaze down to her mouth, I grin at her and have to look up quickly before the urge to kiss her is too much.  “Is that so? You seriously believe that?”

I’ve got her attention, now it’s time to go in for the kill, I look her square in the eyes, “I do, Elizabeth. I think that we owe it to ourselves to listen to what the universe is telling us. We wouldn’t want to throw off the balance of things.”  I sound like a fucking fortune cookie but I don’t care as long as it buys me some time with her.

She contemplates what I’ve said for a moment, “And how exactly do you suggest we get to know each other better?” She looks like she regrets the words as soon as they’ve left her mouth but it’s too late, I know she’s interested.

“Well, I’m assuming you’ve already eaten since you’re coming out of a restaurant but can I buy you a drink?

She’s hesitant, I can tell she’s weighing her options, “I’m sorry, but it’s late and…”

“Come on, Elizabeth, just a drink. I don’t bite and I really do feel terrible for knocking you down. It’s the least I can do.” I smile at her, and her trepidation dissipates, she’s mine.

“Okay, just one drink.”

Book Bitches Blog
Book 2 Teasers: Desperation of Love- (Alex & Jordan)

He feels too good against me, the size of him envelops me, making me feel warm, protected, I can’t get enough of this feeling. I part my lips and he takes full advantage, slipping his tongue inside, sending me into a heated frenzy. I wrap my arms around his neck bringing myself up on my toes and begin to kiss him back. His hands start to roam up my back until they’re tangled in my hair, giving him total control over me. I’m lost and I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m sure that if I don’t pull away now, I won’t be able to do it later.  I break the kiss, and place my forehead on his chest, he kisses the top of my head and releases my hair, grabbing hold of one of my hands instead. “come on, let’s walk a bit.”

We start to walk hand in hand, both ignoring what just happened, me not wanting to encourage it and him not wanting to argue about it. For some reason it just seems easier to let it go, perhaps if I don’t acknowledge it, it isn’t real. It’s a game we’ve been playing for months, and I was comfortable with it for a while but now he’s changing the rules and the stakes are just too high.

Book Crush
Victor’s POV:

I show Ellie around my penthouse and then we eat the Chinese food I picked up before she got here. We eat in silence but having her here in my space is nice, it just feels right, like everything else where she’s concerned it just clicks. I can’t help but stare at her ass, as she picks up our empty plates and begins to rinse them. I’m trying to take things slow for her sake but the urge to take her upstairs and finally make love to her is starting to take over. I need to get my mind out of the gutter.

“How did it go at work with your program installation?” I ask, hoping that talking about work will provide the necessary distraction.

“I was able to get all of the glitches out in the testing phase and, thank God, the installation went perfectly.”

“That’s great, Babe. I’m glad you were able to get it all done.”

“Thanks.” She responds. I can tell she hates her job but she’d never admit it. Her face goes blank every time she talks about it. “What about you?”

“What about me?” I question.

“How’s it going in the studio?” She asks.

I get excited just thinking about it. Being in the studio is absolutely my favorite part of this job.

“It’s going really good. I think we’ve got a couple amazing songs.”

“Oh! Guess what?”

She’s almost shouting and the excitement in her voice makes me smile. I love to see her like this, free to be who she wants to be. “What?

“Rob played me some of your music on the way up here.”

I smile huge now. I’m happy and a little surprised that she was listening to my stuff. “Really? What did you think?”

“Baby, it was amazing,” she says, she turns around to face me and leans her back against the counter. It drives me crazy when she calls me baby because I know the effort it took for her to get this far. For her to say it without even thinking about it means that it comes naturally to her and that’s huge. “I mean I didn’t understand a fucking word you were singing but somehow I swear I felt every single emotion you were trying to convey. You have the most beautiful voice.”

And there you have it, I’m done. Done being patient, done taking things slow, done waiting. I fucking adore this girl and tonight I’m making her mine. “I’m glad you liked it. You want dessert?”

“Not really.” She reply’s, shaking her head, the look of confusion hitting her face.

“Good.” I come around the bar to where she’s standing, grab her by the hand and practically drag her upstairs and into my bedroom. It’s not the most romantic way to do this but I’ll make up for it later. I shut the door and before she realizes what’s happening, she’s up against it, with her hands pinned and my mouth is on hers. I coax her lips open with my tongue and I know she’s lost in the moment.

I break the kiss but keep her pinned against the door. I bring my mouth down to her ear, biting it gently. Her quiet whimper sends me over the edge.

“The last shred of self control that I had is gone, Babe. I want you.” Her breathing speeds up and I know she wants me too.

“What happened to taking it slow?” She teases.

I kiss her forehead and reply, “We both know it can’t go any slower, this is mutual.”

I give her lips a graze and release her, turning and walking across the room. I sit on the edge of the bed and just stare at her for a minute. “Come here.” I say. I watch her as she walks across the room and comes to a halt directly in front of me.  I’m very aware that the next few moments will decide the outcome of this night. I love this girl so much, no one has ever been able to get under my skin the way she has and even though she can’t say it, I know that she loves me too. She just can’t verbalize it, if she does what I ask, I know she’s giving herself to me freely and that’s enough of a declaration for now. “Take off your dress, Ellie.” I command, she knows it’s a test, she knows what it will signify if she does it and without a moment of hesitation or embarrassment she does as I ask, and in this moment we both know that she’s mine.

Seductive Romance  Reviews
Deleted Scene:

The first night of Victor’s farewell tour begins tonight in Mexico City. It’s an outdoor concert with an estimated 50,000 people coming. There is no venue big enough here to hold that many people so they had to convert an humungous old parking lot into a makeshift stadium. It’s insanity here, everyone is on edge, running around trying to fix kinks in the lighting, getting wardrobe in order, a hair and makeup trailer set up which Victor refuses to sit in anyway. It seems like everyone around us is frantic, everyone except for the star of the show. Victor is sitting in our trailer playing his PS3 while I pace back and forth. I don’t understand how he can be so calm when in a matter of hours he’s going to have to step on a stage and perform in front of 50,000 people. 

“Babe. Seriously? You’re making me nervous, sit down before you burn a hole in the ground.” He says, eyes never leaving the TV.

I stop pacing and just stand there staring at him for a minute. “How can you be so calm? Do you know what’s about to go down here?”

He grins at me and gets up to turn off his game. He sets the controller down and walks over to me, he brings his hands to my hips and kisses my forehead. “Yes Love, I know what’s about to go down here, but I’ve done this a million times. I’ll be a little anxious before I hit the stage but that’s about it. This is a normal occurrence for me.”

“Why is everyone so frantic?”

“Because it’s opening night, once we’ve done a few shows everyone will get into a rhythm and things will be a lot less hectic.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“Feel better?”

“No. I’m freaking out, what if something goes wrong?” I question, the feel of his hands sliding to the front of my shorts make me drop my gaze just as his fingers begin to undo my button, “What if the microphone doesn’t work?” I ask as he lowers my zipper.  I let out a sigh, trying to keep my composure, “What if you forget the lyrics?” He smiles and lowers his mouth to my neck, placing a kiss there. “Victor what are you doing?” I ask as he starts to tug at my shorts.

“Trying to make you feel better, calm you down before you combust.” He says, as he slides his hand down the inside of my shorts.

“Oh my God.” I say nearly inaudibly at the feel of his hand there. If there’s one thing Victor is an expert at it’s calming me down, and right now, the only thing I can think of is what he’s about to do to me. My whole body is humming with desire and he’s the only one that can give it what it needs.

“Not God baby, it’s just me.” He says, causing me to giggle. I run my fingers through his hair and grab on.

I bring my lips to his and kiss him gently. “It is you, only you.” I reply. His fingers start to move in a delicious pattern sending my nerves into a state of sensory overload. “Oh shit, don’t stop.” I say with a whimper.

I feel Victor’s whole body tense up and his hand stops moving, before I can ask what’s going on he starts to chuckle in my ear. “You might want to zip these up Love” he says, closing the button on my shorts. Laughter erupts from behind me and I turn my head to see Alex and Rob standing there.

“Are you serious? Don’t you people knock?” I yell, trying to fix my shorts, I can feel the familiar burn in my cheeks.

Alex pulls himself together first but the grin on his face tells me that he’s never gonna let me live this down. “Sorry Ellie, we need Victor on stage for sound check. Although we might put a mic on you so everyone can hear just how pretty you sing.”

“Alex!” Victor calls to his brother, giving him a look that would scare any body.

Alex puts his hands up as if to say he surrenders. “Sorry Bro, It was just too easy.”

Rob is smiling from ear to ear, “Would you like me to get you a Do Not Disturb sign Elle?” He asks with a chuckle.

I shake my head and look back at Victor. “This is so embarrassing.” I huff.

He gives me his knee melting smile, and shrugs his shoulders at me, “It’s not the first time we’ve been caught babe, it probably won’t be the last.”

A Novel Affair

I wrap my arms around his waist and rest my head on his chest. I can’t believe I’m standing here, out in public, hugging him but the truth is, I love it. I love how affectionate he is with me and how considerate he is. As much as it scares me, I’m starting to let go and soak up the attention. I find that I’m allowing myself to get lost in him more and more.

“Elle?” I hear my name called out and I freeze in a moment of sheer panic. Oh my God, please tell me it’s not…I lift my head from Victor’s chest and turn to see my dad standing in front of us with coffee in hand.

“Dad?!” At the sound of my voice, Victor stiffens up as well and releases his hold on me. I’m thinking that’s a smart move on his part. The look on my father’s face is positively glacial. I walk to him and give him a hug and a kiss. “What are you doing here?”

My Review:

I actually really enjoyed this novel. I would give Alice Montalvo-Tribue a 5 star review. 
This is going to be a short and sweet review cause I am always terrified of giving away spoilers. And we don't like spoilers, do we?
This novel held my attention 100% and left me wanting more. If you like romance novels I would suggest reading this one. But always remember to leave the wonderful author a review.
Enjoy the novel its well worth all the attention :)

Interview With Alice Montalvo-Tribue:

About Your Work:

1--What is this novel about?
Without giving to much away, Translation of Love is a novel about a women who has been broken by past events and because of this has closed herself off of the possiblities of ever finding love. She meets a man who is like none other  that she's ever meet before and thus begins there journey. Sometimes all it takes is one person to help you see who you really are. 
2-Did you get any idea's for this novel through real life experiences or was it all made up in your wonderful brain?
The premise of the story is made up. Growing up I did have alot of Spanish artists that I loved listening to, I remember thinking how I got to see someone like Enrique Iglesias or Ricky Martin before anyone in the states really knew who they were and the idea that they were huge superstars all over the world and could come to almost any state and be a normal person is what stemmed the idea of a character like Victor. 
3-How long did it take you to write this novel?
The idea had been swimming in my head for months but I never did anything about it. Then this past December I lost my job and found myself with alot more time on my hands, I started out writing one scene and about two months later, Translation of Love was complete. I am back to work now so book two is definitly taking me alittle longer to write. 

About YOU:

5-What do like to do in your free time when your not writing?
I try to read every single day, I can't live without my Kindle. I love hanging out with my daughter and in the summer time you will find me on the beach. 
6-Tell me about how you started writing?
Writing has always come naturally to me, I remember when I was in High School my best friend would come to me and ask me to write her poems for her boyfriends. Then in College I took a screenwriting course and found that I really loved it. 
7-How old was you when you started writing?
I was probably around 13 or 14 when I realized that I had a talent for writing but I never thought to use it as a career until much later. 

Quickie Questions :)

8-Whats your fave color?
Light Blue 
9-Whats your fave food?
10-Whats your fave genre to read?
Adult and New Adult 
11-Fave Author and book to read?
When I was younger I use to love V.C Andrews. 
Now I have so many faves. I love just about any Kristen Ashley book, S.C Stephens and the whole Thoughtless Series. C.J Roberts Dark Duet was amazing. I love Jasinda Wilders Wounded and Falling Into You and most recently Madeline Sheehan's  Undeniable blew me away.
I could go on and on......
12-If you could visit one place in this world where would it be and why?
Its a toss up between London and Italy, I have no idea why they just popped into my head first. However, I am a Caribbean junkie, I love all the islands. 

Thanks for letting me do this interview with you. I had fun coming up with these questions for 

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