Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bound Together

boundtogether-blog-tourBound Together is a great book.Twilight has nothing with the Team Edward or Team Jacob thing.... This book is completely Team Ollie or Team Jared. I will reveal later in this post who I would choose and why! I would have gave it 10 star rating if it was possible. That book had me laughing, thinking, feeling, and yes even crying. It gets down and dirty but that is the best part. My fave character would have to be Layla and Ollie. Layla is a very outspoken caring and kind-hearted type of girl. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. But when she bumped into to Ollie (literally on her ass in the hallway of her dormitory) she knew there was something about him that she is gonna love from the beginning. And Ollie fell head over heels in love with Layla from day one. Well then Layla gets a job at the coffee shop the same day that she literally bumped into Ollie, and that is how she meet Jared. Well that started him making her all angry and hot and steamy from the beginning. So she started seeing Jared and he was everything she wanted and more. He taught her new tricks in the bed with bondage and blindfolds and gags and O MY...... But she found that trying new things is very exciting and extremely hot. But Jared is very over protected of her being and all he does is lie to her to try and protect her! It's completely driving Layla insane but at the same time intriguing her and starts to see her self falling deeply and madly in love with him. Which is causing her emotions to run extremely sensitive cause when she thought she loved her high school sweet heart and called it quits after she discovered he was cheating on her, but she was completely wrong. She never did love him the way she loves Jared! Jared is buying her all kinds of expensive jewelry and Layla doesn't like it too much but Jared insists of it! All the mean while Jared is very jealous of Ollie cause Layla and Ollie is all the time hanging out and Jared also see's that Ollie is falling head over heels in love with Layla and Jared isn't to pleased about it! Then Layla thinks that she catches Jared cheating on her when she stays at his house one night and answers his phone and a women asks for Jared and when Layla asks who is calling she hangs up on her without saying a word. Then she over hears Jared in his office talking about some other girl. She confronts him over this and he says he really can't tell her anything but he does have to trust him that he is not cheating or lying to her about anything! But then Layla just brushes it off until they get into a big fight on Layla's birthday! Layla goes to Jared's house and in his kitchen cooking there's a beautiful women and she is wearing his shirt the one that he was wearing when she hit with the coffee shops (Loreinne's) and made him spill his coffee all over the front of it! She she thought what every other girl would think after their boyfriend got that phone girl and where they heard them talking on their office phone about another women and then seeing some unknown women standing in their boyfriend's kitchen cooking int here shirt. Which is this is an automatic sign that the boyfriend is completely cheating! So she breaks it off with Jared! It takes her a very long time to get over him which in all reality she never does. But she decides to give Ollie a chance with her. Ollie is the perfect gentleman with her and everything but she just can't keep from letting Jared have her heart when she knows she desperately needs too. But she just can't!!! Everything is going good Ollie goes home with her during Christmas Break and that is when she agreed to giving him a chance. Everything goes wonderful until Ollie got back in touch with his mom and is going to move to the different state with his mom so he asks Layla to go with him and she is torn she don't know what to do. She don't want to leave her friends and family or even college behind. Layla then finds out that Jared stopped by her house during christmas with a gift and was trying desperately to tell Layla the truth about what was happening. But Maggie found him outside her house in his car so she went over and Jared asked her to give Layla that gift. She tells Layla a couple of months later that he stopped by and she threw her gift away in the trash where it belonged. Layla then goes to a dinner with Jared and a big business man working on a project for college students. Then things happened and her and Jared starts working things out but still can't bring her self to give Jared another chance. And Jared tells her that he has to go to Europe for a year and wants her to go with him. When she gets back to her dorm and told her friends about what Jared asked her. And then Maggie gives Layla the gift that Jared left her. So then Layla debates on what to do and realizes she wants to be with Jared. Over all the book was wonderful I feel in love with the characters and then cried on top of it all. It hit all the right spots! I would seriously give Marie Coulson 10 stars if was able too! So is it Team Jared or Team Ollie. I would so choose Team Ollie! He has the rockstar bad boy act and i absolutely love that. Ollie is every women's dream and O MY SO SEXY ~Tonya

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