Thursday, January 24, 2013

"The Closing"

Author_Stella K.
Publisher_Armida Publications
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I’ve read this book while on my hundredth edit of my own book, tired, exhausted, so it was a good side story, though I’m not that much into romance, love stories, crime, etc etc etc.
One could comment; the plot is quite cliché. A girl, lawyer, working somewhere between sixty and eighty hours per week, with no time for flirt, lovers or pets, falls accidentally in love with a guy. Him, Russian, impressive, and way into the mafia, has a genuine interest in her; he too falls for her at first sight, though he doesn’t know it, at first. Eventually, the storyline follows their common route, as the twists of fate have their lives hanging by a thread…
The author portrays characters that are deeper than I anticipated, and with much more details than most romance stories I used to read—back in my teens, a long time ago... Which is, let me add, very attractive for the reader. Its pace is not quick at all, but fast enough to get your attention. As for the book’s vocabulary, well, English is not my first language, but I had no trouble with it.
I enjoyed this book, and even though I was tempted to set it aside at some points due to not being all epic and fantasy, I am sure glad I didn’t.
I do recommend it, even to guys...

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