Friday, January 25, 2013


A serial killer is loose in Misty Hollows, Ohio and Katie Johnson is sure that her friend Julie has been abducted by this madman. As she searches for her friend, Katie finds an unexpected ally in the ghost of one of the killers victims and soon finds herself transported to a completely foreign time and place. She only hopes that she can find Julie before it's too late.

My Review: Desolace takes you into a world most people don't want to think about. It takes you into a world of serial killers who rape and torture victims, things most people don't think about every day. However, that's not all. It takes a twist and pushes the limits. With a paranormal edge with a visit from a ghost, Katie is on her way to discovering who kidnaps and murders women from Misty Hollows. I will say that, although a bit twisted, I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is rated MA and even then, if you're squeemish in any way... DO NOT READ. It was an amazing book for $0.99 and I cannot wait to actually have timeto read book two!

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~ Bree

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