Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bree Vanderland - Interview

First of all let me say that I am in personally alot of groups and co-admin with Bree and she is a great person and a friend to me. She also co-admins the blog with me:). Bree also floats around on Facebook alot. Check her out she is a awesome person inside and out and I am very excited to be able to do this interview with her. To start with I would like to say Thank You Bree for letting me do this interview with you! Her book is title "The Arrival of Dawn"

Bree can you tell everybody what genre your book is and who its suitable for? The book is mind of a mix between Science Fiction, Fantasy and Paranormal (we will see more of that in book two). I would say it's more Young Adult and suitable for... I'll go with 15. There's a "glimpse" of my male lead nude, but there's not much description.

Where did you come up with the title? It took me forever to actually think if the title. I went back and forth about "The Arrival of Dawn" and various others. I eventually chose this one because... well, my main character is Dawn and there's one part where she's looking out into the sunrise. It also signifies a "new beginning," which is what happened to my character. The book title was strange. I thought about it constantly while writing it and then I was driving home from work early in the morning as the sun was rising. That's how I came up with "The Arrival of Dawn."

Can you tell me about you book without giving away any spoilers? The book "The Arrival of Dawn" seems complicated to me and I wrote it! There's a town called Ironbrough. You don't know much about it until later in the series, but it's like any other small town by appearances only. They made an agreement with the Roseians hundreds of years ago. They agreed to sacrifice one young girl every ten years in exchange for protection and help. The world was in disarray and the humans didn't know what else to do. The Roseians, which is a purely female species, had magic that could help everyone. They can create water by moving particles in the air. Dawn is the newest sacrifice. She's waiting for her death that all the stories she was told predicted. Instead, she's thrown into the world of the Roseians, but it's different than the other girls. Dawn arrives in the middle of a war. Some of the Roseians didn't want to help the humans anymore. They turned away from the "good" magical and used it for selfish reasons. Their skin has turned darker to mark which ones no longer followed the old ways. When Dawn arrives, she turns out to be a reincarnation of the previous queen. The Roseians loved her. She was kind, gentle and always had a level head, but not everyone loved her. Some are out to hurt her and Dawn doesn't know who to trust. What inspired this book? I don't really know what inspired the book. I know many people have inspired me to continue it, but the idea for it just hit me... hard, LOL.

What do you like to do in your free time when your not writing? When I'm not writing, I love to read. I have a book "blog" page on Facebook that I absolutely love. I love the people on it as well. They're truly amazing. I like hanging out with friends and then the people I consider family. It's good to take a break every so often. My boyfriend has to remind me to take breaks.

What do you go to school for? I do go to school. I'm on college and my major is Music Education.

Why did you choose to major in Music Education? I've been playing the flute for many years and I love it. I can't imagine my life without music and it's made me a better person in so many ways. I know when I started high school, it was something completely different for me. I changed schools and I didn't know anyone. I wouldn't have known anyone if it wasn't for music and marching band.

With your book collection which do you prefer Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, iPad, Paperback, or Hardback and Why? I actually prefer hardback books. They don't strain my eyes or are so flimsy, but I have a kindle and a kindle app on my phone. Who doesn't have a single paperback in their collection?

How big is your personal ebook or book shelf and the most genre on it? Oh goodness... I cannot even count how many books my ebook collection is. I know someone was mentioning it last night and I had about 400+ archived items and I don't want to count the others.

What's your hidden talent? My hidden talent is so hidden that it's hidden from me LOL.

If you could visit one place in the world where it would be and why? I would love to go to Italy. I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated with the history and views.

What type of animal do you perfer and do you have and how many? I prefer cats! I have a bunch (don't ask me to count them, they won't stay still!). I'm not really a dog person unless it's a calm, well trained dog. What's your fave food? Favorite food is pizza! Or is it waffles.... hmmmm....

Whats your fave color? Favorite color is purple or a light green! Especially if the two are side by side.

Bree can you tell your fans how to get in touch with you? Fans can always reach me on my author page Image


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